Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Sketch Book Original Characters

These are some original characters from an sketch book from 6 months to a year ago. This is when they were first created as well. I will post more of these same characters from this sketchbook later.
The first is Nedward. Quite a goofy, friendly type, and your all-around nice guy. He is neighbor and best friend to Larry (the second image) who is a lumber jack with redneck tendencies.
The rest I don't really have named yet haha. Some help/suggestions would be nice.
Above is Larry's wife. They have a loving relationship but they do have their moments... a lot. Here is what I mean
The following two characters are an old, married couple. They comedy between these two are fuled by their old fashioned views.
There you have it. A little introduction to these characters. I have many other drawings of these characters in that sketch book i will share and put on here later.

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